Melissa Fairchild

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Melissa FairchildMelissa Fairchild

MA Print Making, Camberwell College of Arts 2015

While studying in London, Melissa felt the absence of nature in the harsh urban environment of the city. The feelings affected how she began to research and create her work, and through her pieces she began to ask questions about the state of humanity. She found that as this went on underlying environmental themes began to appear in her work. Her ‘Resurgence’ series was inspired by man’s ever evolving relationship with nature during a time of intensive change and adaptation.

Printmaking is an inspiring medium to Melissa due to new technologies constantly becoming available, which immediately inform print makers as practitioners. She finds that as a print maker she is able to mix traditional, historical techniques with the most up to date image making tools. The experimental nature is constantly excites her.


"The wreaths of 'Resurgence' attempt to evoke feelings surrounding life-cycles, arcadia and how man represents nature through images. The series is intended to provoke thoughts surrounding the fragility, uncertainty and complexity of the beautiful world we live in."



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