Mette Sterre

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Mette SterreMette Sterre

MA Performance Design & Practice, Central Saint Martins 2014

Mette is a visual artist mainly focused on sculptural costume based performances and lens based media, dealing with the grotesque: the world of topsy-turvy, the uncanny and the paradox. By the de-identification of the human body, she questions the stigmatization of difference and the social construction of identity by blurring the boundaries between the inanimate and the animate, nature and artifice, gender and object and subject.

Mette creates sculptural costumes, giving birth to new forms of living beings, working on the border of theatre and live art. These creatures are brought to life in a performance where mise-en-scene plays an important role to support their context and loose narratives. She performs internationally; her work has been shown at Art Rotterdam, Scope Art Basel, Kunsthalle Charlottenbourgh and the Hermitage in Amsterdam.


"Like a Dr Frankenstein I sew body parts together, creating new forms of living beings in the form of my sculptural costumes. I believe there is a strong connection with the manual labour and the experience of wearing a costume, to perform another worldy being."



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