Monica Alcazar-Duarte

Portrait of MAde in Arts London Artist Monica Alcazar-DuarteMonica Alcazar-Duarte

MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography, London College of Communication 2014

Monica is passionate about producing work with social issues which has lead to her photography having a multidisciplinary approach. Monica is inspired by the work of choreographer Pina Bausch and musician Philip Glass, these practitioners influence the narrative and structure behind her photography.

‘Your Photographs Could Be Used By Drug Dealers’ tests the charged image of Mexico offered by the media and popular culture. As a Mexican herself, Monica is well aware of the richness and complexity of Mexican culture and contemporary life, and this project offers a small glimpse of this. The principle behind the project stems from Monica’s interest in notions of meaning and interpretation in flux. She wanted to make evident how interconnections are transitory, and how conclusions and preconceptions are not fixed. Monica hopes that her images help her audience reach a subtle awareness, regarding how they read and interconnect images and information. Her aim is that the audience examine how they reach their conclusions and what that says, not only about the images, but also about themselves.

Awards and Nominations: Lisa Pritchard Agency ‘The One to Watch' 2014, MEAD Fellowship 2014


"The way we use photography today has deeply changed our approach to the medium itself. It is going through a very exciting phase in which I feel the need, as a photographer, to go beyond the sole production of images. For me it is the way I present my photographs, as much as the content and form, when inviting the audience to experience an idea through my work."


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