Moonjung Song

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Moonjung SongMoonjung Song

BA Surface Design, London College of Communication 2013

Moonjung’s work reflects her very personal experiences and emotions. She sees these as her invisible toolbox. The untouchable materials that cannot be predicted or defined but are subconsciously essential to her practice. She frequently looks back to the innocence and interests of her childhood and ponders how now her conflicted emotions can be considered shameful or even disordered by society. This suppression of negative emotions is akin to wearing a mask that allows us to ‘stay cool’ and lead our normal lives but for Moonjung the analysis of them has found its place on canvas.

Her geometric patterns represents the order one must present to survive in a rigid society, whilst the typography alludes to the true human, suppressed and invisible feelings. She often works in pen as it allows her to move from accurate rendering to elaboration, reflective of the work’s masked meaning.


“I wonder about the invisible, emotional feelings of humans and their psychology behind and beyond their physical form. Could that emotion be expressed as actual words that give certain information?”

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