Nicole Price

Portrait of MiAL Artist Nicole PriceNicole Price

MFA, Wimbledon College of Arts 2016

Nicole’s work uses the family album as source material, she is interested in the photograph as a souvenir, memory keeper and memory maker. Process is also an important part of Nicole’s work, she copies and collages the images, creating disrupted scenes. From these she paints using a muted colour palette, alluding to time past. The emptying out of visual information from the paintings allows the viewer space to bring their own history and narratives whilst questioning the fallibility of memory. Nicole’s pieces are all created on a small scale, referencing the photographic source and creating a more intimate viewing experience.

Initially the inspiration for these pieces came from looking through boxes of family photographs. Nicole was interested in the idea that these were still precious keepsakes even though she did not know who many of the people were in the photographs. Nicole was fascinated by the blurring that occurred between memories and imagination, which was triggered by the photographs themselves.

Nicole’s work is also influenced by other artists such as John Stezaker’s spliced collages and the mixed up historical images and narratives of Neo Rauch. She is also interested in Pamela Golden’s miniature paintings of fictional histories, which question our relationship with the photograph and the stories associated with it.

Each of Nicole’s pieces are created on aluminium, she loves the matt finish to the oil paint that this medium achieves. The material also alludes to early photographic techniques and is a reminder to the viewer of the nature of hand held photographs.


Awards and Nominations:

Selected for National Open Art Exhibition 2016 and ING Discerning Eye 2016



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