Olga Krasanova

Portrait of Made in Arts London Artist Olga KrasanovaOlga Krasanova

BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins 2011

Olga is fascinated by the everyday, human’s lives and their stories. Her works often come from stories of real people or events, or from inside her, expressed through her constant drawing and doodling. Her works evoke emotion and memory, and trigger the imagination of the viewer.

Olga loves the process of printmaking, getting her hands dirty, the smell of ink, the combination of colours to the excitement of the first prove. It constantly inspires her to experiment more and to produce a quality work that makes her proud.


Awards and Nominations:

Futurerising Creative 2014, Mother Art Direction / Photography 2013.


“For some of my work, the initial idea is foolish but I liked the quirkiness in it. If it makes people smile then I’m pleased with that.”


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