Patcharakan (Mai) Vongprasert

Portrait of MiAL Artist Patcharakan (Mai) VongprasertPatcharakan (Mai) Vongprasert

FdA Styling and Photography, London College of Fashion 2014

Mai's brand 'Mai Theory' began with her child like curiosity for the natural beauty that surrounds us all, and she continues to bring this inspiration into her work. She began working on Mai Theory in her first year of studying at UAL and it fed her passion for customizing clothes and accessories during her styling assignments. During her studies she has built a strong belief that any material can be used to create something beautiful as part of a look, this has led her to become a lot more experimental with new designs for the Mai Theory brand.

Mai Theory jewellery are handmade statement pieces designed to complete any look with passion and confidence. The designs are intended to empower the wearer with a natural confidence whatever the occasion they are being worn to. Mai feels that jewelry tells us far more about the wearer than clothes do, and the sentimentality and personal meaning people often attach to pieces of jewelry makes the medium unique. She aims to inspire people from different cultures with her work, and she intends to start with inspiring the people of London.



"I created ‘Mai Theory’ for anyone who feels any sort of personal connection with my creations. I had no particular type of person in mind for my first collection. It’s flattering enough for other people to see something of themselves in a ‘Mai Theory’ piece, but of course if Kate Moss was seen wearing ‘Mai Theory’ I would just die!"


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