Penny Georgiou

Portrait of MiAL Artist Penny GeorgiouPenny Georgiou

PhD, Chelsea College of Arts 2018

Penny is inspired by observations on filmic scenography and on Hitchcock’s process, in order to identify and experiment with his filmic techniques and the way they can be applied in theatre.

Focussing on the representation of models and drawings through multiple exposure photographs (a technique preferred by Hitchcock), and using the technique to enhance depth and multidimensional possibilities on the conceptualisation of the scenographic space, Penny’s work is a dark interpretation of Agatha Christie’s ‘Mousetrap’.

Awards and residencies:

Dean’s Award, MRes Arts Practice Course


"On one hand, using as foundation the longest running show of any kind in London, I am interested in highlighting the endless potentiality of the scenographic space. On the other hand, being a current PhD student, I aim to expand and experiment with the boundaries of my practice."



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