Rosie Brewer

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Rosie BrewerRosie Brewer

BA 3D Design, Camberwell College of Arts 2012

Rosie looks at the design process as if it was an evolution, the journey of an object, from sourcing the raw materials through to the final outcome and beyond to it’s new life. She enjoys people interacting with her pieces and using them in their daily lives, to her this tradition of daily use is fascinating.

The inspiration behind her work comes from what Rosie perceives as objects that are beautiful and useful. With each piece she enjoys letting the wood she works with dictate how it wants to be formed. Intuition is a strong aspect of her work, and she allows the existing grain, colours and marks to play their part within her creations. The fact that every tree and piece of wood is different, event within one species makes Rosie’s medium and unpredictable and interesting medium to work in, this is something that she truly enjoys. Each of her pieces are bespoke and unique designs, and she is constantly working on new designs.


“I have a gratitude and respect for all objects, an appreciation, a joy in making and what is made. I hope to show people the beauty of wood as a natural material and how the grain and scars on the surface show its past life.”



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