Rowan Ottesen

Portrait of MiAL Artist Rowan OttesenRowan Ottesen

BA Graphic Design, Camberwell College of Arts 2014

A lover of all things typographical, playful designer Rowan considers Camberwell to be a potential launchpad, not only for his career but in the ongoing widening of his practice, what graphic design is and what is had the power to achieve. Rowan's medium is language, providing him with a different perspective on the tools we use. He is inspired to explore it’s potential and to expand the series through more words with experimentation into scale, colour, orientation, and typography.

With his ‘Read Between the Words’ series Rowan focuses on the hidden potential of everyday words. It spans a whole series of phrases that have been analysed and redefined by extracting hidden definitions from within the alphabetical structure of the words themselves. The project originated from a small one day workshop with the Camberwell Artist Sam Winston. After completing his first series of ‘Read Between the Words’ Rowan discovered, by chance the concrete poetry of American poet Emmet Williams. Studying him has greatly informed the project and inspired Rowan to expand the series.

Awards and Nominations: 

D&AD Best of Year Award 2013


"When we were children, we learnt new words, studied their meanings, and thrived for an opportunity to use them in a sentence. As adults we say hundreds of thousands every day, but if this project could rekindle forgotten appreciation of these words, this would be a surprising but rewarding feat."


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