Summer Oxley

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Summer OxleySummer Oxley

BA Fine Art: Painting, Wimbledon College of Arts 2015

Summer has a strong belief that all too often, art students and artists get caught up in trying to give their work a deep meaning in order for it to be considered ‘good’ art. This is something that she feels can stifle the creative process and so has chosen to turn her back on this particular practice.

The inspiration to create her current style of work, came to Summer one day when she found an old ceramic ornament and thought “I want to paint sweets on that.” So that is exactly what she did, she loved the piece, other people loved the piece and overnight she discovered the joy of creating pieces that are simply to be enjoyed for what they are no matter how you relate to them.

The aesthetics’ of Summer’s work comes from the merging of her biggest loves in life: kitsch mass produced ornaments, sickly cute stationary and generally anything over the top.

The unique sense of fun in Summer’s work comes from an understanding that not everything has to be serious all of the time. She doesn’t really mind what people take away from her work, whether it makes them nostalgic or makes them question what it means for something to be ‘art’ as long as they understand that they can enjoy the work simply because they do.


“I love how these objects can be totally transformed, objects that we all know and maybe even own can be given a totally new direction. I also like that often the object seems to project its desired new identity to me, like, I just looked at a leopard and went ‘Donuts!’, it’s as if he’d been waiting to be covered in donuts his whole life."



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