Sylvia Moritz

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Sylvia MoritzSylvia Moritz

BA Graphic Design, Camberwell College of Arts 2014

Observations of her surroundings play a vital role in shaping the direction of Sylvia's practice, which usually has underlying environmentalist attitudes. Sylvia tends to work quite meticulously with techniques such as printmaking and pencil illustration, however she also transfers these traditional techniques into digital, allowing different media to work hand in hand. She tries to communicate current affairs that are close to her through this detailed processes.

One of the current issues that Sylvia’s work makes a statement about is overpopulation and urbanization. She aspires for her audience to take a closer look and notice the complexity of the world we live in. She enjoys leaving the conclusion to the viewer; she allows them to decide whether this piece of art communicates the negative aspects of overpopulated urban areas or the positive view on its diversity.

Awards and Nominations:

RSA Summershow 2014 (shortlisted), ‘Best of Year’ D&AD 2013, ‘Find Your Voice’ London Business School 2013 (First Place & People Choice Award)


“My interest in urban environments that I’ve lived in heavily informs my work. Having travelled and viewed a wide range of cities and places I became fascinated by how diverse and vivid our cities are designed, built and maintained throughout decades.”


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