Tahmina Negmat

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Tahmina NegmatTahmina Negmat

BA Painting, Wimbledon College of Art 2016

The imagery of Tahmina’s work is dictated by her medium. Unpredicatable surface textures created by newspaper, cooking oil and watercolour creates fortuitous images of silent domestic battles, uncanny figures floating in the sky and half animals half trees rolling around the hill.

Inspired by Neal Tait, Max Ernst and John Cage, Tahmina’s current work is a series of Landscapes that investigate the relationship and visual tension between people, animals and trees inhabiting a surreal playground.

Awards and residencies:

Pink and Brown, Gallery COR23 (Spain) 2015 (shortlisted), Vanity Glyndebourne Third Annual Competition 2015 (finalist), The Independent Artist Fair 2015


"I want to leave the audience with the question mark and a trace of ambiguity."



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