Trystan Williams

Portrait of MiAL Artist- Trystan WilliamsTrystan Williams

MA Fine Art, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Trystan’s work is inspired by the forgotten and lost conversations between the online community and the ability people have to invoke both laughter and tears without ever actually meeting.

His work uses snippets of conversation, excerpts from threads, fragments of sentences and thoughts that people have posted online, often from online forums which are unsearchable, or ”lost”. He then turns these often transitory and ephemeral expressions of human thought and emotion and into permanent physical objects through engraving techniques, creating a play on the tension between the digital and the physical.

Awards and residencies:

The Lumen prize exhibition 2014 (shortlisted), The Art Lacuna prize exhibition 2013 (shortlisted), National Open Art Competition’s Winter Exhibition 2015


"I hope my audience will take a smile, a thought, a feeling, an experience of a perspective they may not have considered, a feeling of recognition that other people have thought and felt the same things as themselves, an appreciation of the inherent absurdity of the human condition, a moment of reflection, a moment of spontaneous laughter with them after seeing my work. I could go on, will leave it there though"



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