Victoria Batt

Portrait of MiAL Artist - Victoria BattVictoria Batt

MA Photography, Central Saint Martins 2016

Having recently graduated from Film and Production BA at London College of Communication, Victoria has jumped straight into MA Photography. Her BA challenged her to look at everything from a different angle and be open to different ways of creating.The experience and skills gained from all the myriad of projects enabled her to figure out how she likes to work, to discover what inspires her the most and to find her own direction. However the most important thing remains the people she met on the course that have become her friends and the creative network that she continues to learn from.

Photography and Film are Victoria's main forms of expression because they give her the freedom to explore and capture her interests within the moment where the camera becomes an extended part of her, connecting to her subconscious. The Barbican was the first building Victoria photographed in her collection of buildings. One early morning on her journey home she came across it and the beauty of its symmetry drew her in. 'Serenity in the City' is about being inspired in a city but also needing to connect with her own thoughts in a fast paced environment. Whilst 'City in Pink' came out of experimenting with the same photographs. There’s an interesting contrast between the grey concrete building and the bright pink. It reflects the rigid and controlled landscape of a city but also the freedom and inspiration that flows through it.


"My ideas used to be more rigid and I would feel very disappointed if I couldn't create exactly what I had imagined. As a student and in the years to follow I learnt that the most satisfying work I create is when I feel inspired, have an open idea and follow it spontaneously and freely. When I allow myself to take risks, make mistakes and experiment I create work that is better then what I initially imagined."


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