Wajeeha Abbasi

Portrait of MiAL Artist - Wajeeha AbbasiWajeeha Abbasi

MA Illustration and Visual Media, London College of Communication, 2015

Inspired by John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, Wajeeha current series of prints are a portrayal of the biblical story of Adam and Eve. Using unusual colour schemes and playful metaphors she plays with a modern take on an ancient story, bringing the tale back to our attention and reigniting our fascination.

Using a love of screen printing as a foundation for her process, Wajeeha transfers the methods of constructing a screen printed composition even when working in a digital format. This often see’s her work taking bold shapes and colours to depict narratives both familiar and new presenting them to audiences with hidden quirks and playful dances.

Awards and Nominations

Recipients of the Vice Chancellor's International Scholarship at University of the Arts London 2014, winner of the Exhibition Prize for Outstanding Installation & Exhibition Response for the LadyBird Publishers and shortlisted and exhibited at 720th Swiss Confederation Celebration Event, Pakistan, 2010.


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