Xiaoxi Kang

Portrait of MiAL Artist - Xiaoxi KangXiaoxi Kang

MA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2016

Xiaoxi’s work is inspired by de Chirico’s idea that to live in the world is to live in an immense museum of strangeness, installing in us a child-like curiosity at the colourful artefacts around us, but often disappointed by reality.

Drawing on her own collection of vintage childrens toys and building blocks Xiaoxi reconsiders her own relationship with herself and memories. She applies a narrative to these inanimate objects, imagining their previous owners, the possibility that they might encapsulate a spirit and their existence outside of ourselves. The objects rough wooden surfaced, faded colours and outdated patterns feed into these meditations, but also make them seem incompatible with our current world. Their loss of function soon makes their existence seem awkward and whats starts as nostalgia soon turns to mourning.

By experimenting with these ideas visually Xiaoxi combines multiple mediums and techniques, producing collaged work which walks along the edge of reality and an imagined world. An illusion of a fantasy land and the destruction of a city is all created within the construction of a single composition.

Awards and residencies:

Winner of the “Show Your World” international competition, New York,2015, Bronze award of graduation works, China Academy of Art, 2014


"I want to achieve freedom and through my work. A true world without the illusions from the reality and the emptiness of the imagination. An art world without any boundaries of time, mediums, and styles."



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