Yixi Cai

Portrait of MiAL Artist Yixi CaiYixi Cai

MA Textiles, Chelsea College of Arts 2016


Geometry always features heavily in Yixi’s work, she enjoys working with geometric patterns and feels that it’s a style that never goes out of date. She sees each of her designs as a geometric city, and recreates these cities in both 2D and 3D work, using texture through stitching and drawing to make a piece that is both visually and physically enticing to her audience.

Yixi does not feel tied down to any particular form of art, and her work spans many mediums. She thinks that art should be interesting and fun and so in all of her work she tried to trigger enjoyable and happy emotions.

As a child Yixi remembers happiness and a colourful world, and it is this that she is trying to re-live through her bright and colourful creations. She creates designs that can be used every day because she likes to think of her products as being the thing that could brighten up someone’s day.





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