Yoyo Yeung

Portrait of MiAL Artist - Yoyo YeungYoyo Yeung

BA Illustration, Camberwell College of Arts 2017

Yoyo's work was inspired by a trip to the Natural History Museum, which revealed to her the sheer volume and variety of species that roam our planet. She wants to celebrate these creatures, imagining them all with their own societies, languages and characters, living in a way that is both familiar and different to us. 

Flowing between the loose and free medium of watercolours and the extreme detail it is possible to obtain using pencil and pens, the influences of Ernst Haeckel, James Jean and Higuch Yuko are visible throughout Yoyo's work.

Awards and residencies:

LBS - London experience design competition


"I’m creating a world which has different kinds of animals, different creatures living together like human beings, giving them their own personalities. " 





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