Yuhwa Son

Portrait of MiAL Artist Yuhwa SonYuhwa Son

Mres Art: Theory and Philosophy, Central Saint Martins 2018

Within her work Yuhwa explores the possibilities of painting. Her work could be defined as three dimensional painting, with elements of both painting and sculpture her work balances on the boundary of both disciplines. Her work stems from the question; what is painting in contemporary art and what is the boundary of painting?

Yuhwa draws and paints everyday objects in order to explore the contextual harmony in which the paintings start to look like the objects themselves. Each piece pretends to be the original object, deceiving the viewer and making them question what they are seeing. At the moment when the viewer realises that the piece is art, and not just an object, the piece achieves its function as art.

Inspired by artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Anna Barriball, Yuhwa hops that her audience enjoy her own experiments into painting and contemporary art and join her is discovering exactly how diverse the painting discipline can be.


Awards and Nominations:

Shortlisted for Griffin Art Award, WW SOLO Award 2013




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