Cable Connection


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Product Type: Fine Art Artist:Anne Davey Orr

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Anne Davey Orr

MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Arts 2014

Acrylic on Canvas
183 x 138 cm
Original Painting

"Treating my canvases as landscapes and subjecting them to recurring intervention and weathering by layering thin glazes of paint which are inhibited by drafting tape to prevent the paint from flowing where it would naturally flow I simulate in my process the making of real landscape. By then removing the tape once the glazes have dried I reveal the history of the making of the painting by exposing the underlying layers of paint. It is an intuitive approach which is married in some works to disciplined interpretation of hidden aspects of landscape as in ‘Cable Connection’ which is a graph of the underground cables linking each country via the Internet, here represented by miniature landscape portraits."


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