Karen Doubleday


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Product Type: Photography Artist:Joseph Lee Jackson

Product Description

Joseph Lee Jackson

BA Photojournalism and Documentary, London College of Communication 2017

Glass & Silver Halide Emulsion
20.5 x 15.5cm (Framed)

"A secluded path holds a dark secret, a secret that is widely known but often forgotten. It’s down this dark woodland path in suburban Manchester that Karen Doubleday lost her life at the hands of her boyfriend. Just meters away from her home where her young son was residing, a once loved boyfriend took Karen’s life violently while she walked home. This photographic work is developed onto glass to illustrate the transparency the location has inherited. The motion of people moving on and forgetting while the location itself will forever hold a dark twisted reality. Only one piece was created for this location; developed and handled with the respect the subject deserves."


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