PC Fiona Bone & PC Nicola Hughes


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Product Type: Photography Artist:Joseph Lee Jackson

Product Description

Joseph Lee Jackson

BA Photojournalism and Documentary, London College of Communication 2017

Glass & Silver Halide Emulsion
20.5 x 15.5cm (Framed)

"There’s nothing that distinguishes this collection of houses in Manchester at first sight from any other peaceful suburban street. It was down to one man called Dale Cregan that altered the history of this location forever. The one eyed drug dealer was on the run and became Manchester most wanted, holding a family hostage in this family home, Dale Cregan lured two female officers to there deaths. After a fake 999 call was received, PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes arrived at the location. They were greeted with a barrage of bullets and grenades, leaving them with no chance of survival.

The photographic work is developed onto glass to illustrate the transparency the location has inherited. The motion of people moving on and forgetting while the location will forever hold a dark twisted reality. Only one piece was created for this location; developed and handled with the respect the subject deserves."


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