• white enamel mug with blue rim and hand drawn portrait of snoop dogg

    Isabelle Laight

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    Snoop Mug

  • Enamel pin depicting couple cuddling

    Hammer Chen

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    Cuddle Pin

  • abstract illustration of a face on the floor with a river of grey water coming out of the head like hair. Rain falls from a grey sky with a dark blue sun onto barren plants

    Dasy Lee

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  • Hand painted illustrative design plates of male body parts on yellow background

    Fredrik Andersson

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  • Photograph looking down onto a small white nibbles bowl with a blue feather decal inside the bowl. There are olives in the bowl and an orange flower lies next to it

    Isabella Pagnotta

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  • The Juniper Lover Poster

    Belmin Pilevneli

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  • Digital illustration of girl wearing frilly ankle socks hairy legs against a pink background of cacti

    Danielle Gutierrez

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  • Illustration of a large woman wearing a pink swimming costume with a background of aqua blue and palm trees

    Samira Tristani-Firouzi

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    Fat Lady

  • Lip Choker

    Giada Giachino

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    Lip Choker

  • Block colour yellow, blue and red print of an art deco style petrol station

    Thomas Hedger

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  • Colour photograph of a beach with debris and drift wood sticking out of the sand. A naked figure stands in the distance on the beach looking like driftwood

    Magda Kuca

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  • Follow the Leader

    Robert Halhead-Baker

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