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About Made in Arts London

Made in Arts London (MiAL) is a not-for-profit enterprise based in the Students' Union for University of the Arts London that sells art and design by students and recent graduates.

Current students and those who have graduated in the last 2 years from any of University of the Arts London's six colleges are welcome to submit work to be considered for one of our collections.

If your work is selected, you will become a member of Made in Arts London and we’ll showcase your work to wide audiences outside of University of the Arts London. Throughout the year MiAL attend and host a variety of exhibitions, events and art fairs to promote and sell your work. Previous events have included: 

  • Affordable Art Fair
  • The London Illustration Fair
  • Multiplied Art Fair at Christie’s
  • MiAL at The Lethaby Gallery
  • 'Capsule' at Embassy Tea Gallery
  • Pop-Up Shop at We Built This City.
    • Made in Arts London exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery Made in Arts London at Multiplied Limited Edition Print Fair 2014   

      We also provide professional development opportunities such as:

    • Workshops
    • Talks
    • Personal advice sessions
    • Networking opportunities.

      All work is available to buy on our website, enabling you to continually build a customer database during your time with Made in Arts London. Made in Arts London also create content to promote our artists and designers through our online platforms. Content includes:

    • Artist interviews
    • Online features
    • Blog articles
    • Social media promotion
    • Exhibition promotion.
    • How to submit work


      Please complete all sections of the form.

      • Only submit ONE submission form.

      If you submit more than one, only your final submission form will be submitted to the panel for consideration. If submitting a range of different works please include them all on one form.

      • Include images of your work.
        • Files must be in a jpeg format and must be 72 dpi
        • Make sure each file name matches the title of the artwork
        • We would recommend submitting more than one image of your work, shown at different angels.
        • Please note that if your file sizes are too big, the form may not submit.
      • Consider your pricing

      In the form you will be asked to provide a costing for your work. You must provide, at least, a guideline price for each piece. When deciding on a price please consider:

        • The costs of the materials used
        • Your hourly rate and the amount of hours you took to make the piece from idea conception to completion.
        • Look at similar works on our website to get a better idea of how you should price your work. Keep in mind that prices on our website include our 30% commission.
      • Provide all key information about your work

      If your work has specific care instructions, or is printed on a particular paper you should include this detail in your submission.

      Terms and conditions

      Made in Arts London is a non-exclusive selling agent and in the event of becoming a Made in Arts London artist you will be expect to sign an agreement accepting our terms and conditions.

      How is work selected?

      Made in Arts London invite a selection panel to choose the artists and designers to be featured in each of our new collections. Our selection panels are different for each collection, and include industry professionals with a range of different backgrounds in the creative sector. Click here to view previous MiAL selection panels.

      When the selection panel meet, they are presented with all of the submissions received since the previous collection. The panel then selects the work that they want showcased in the next Made in Arts London collection.

      The unique thing about our panel is that they provide feedback to all submissions whether selected or not. This means that even if your work is not chosen you will still receive valuable feedback on your work.

      We are now accepting submissions for our 2018 Collection.

      The deadline for submissions is:

      May 2018 

      The panel will meet within a month of the deadline and you will receive feedback no more than two weeks after the panel have met.

      What happens if my work is selected?

    • We will be in contact within two weeks of the panel having met to inform you that your work was chosen by our selection panel and provide you with their feedback.
    • We’ll request further information on you and your work, and high quality images for our website.
    • We will also send you an artist agreement for you to sign and return.
    • Once we have all the information that we require, we will upload your work and your artist biography page to our website.
    • Your work will be showcased on our website for at least six months.  
    • What happens if my work isn’t selected?

    • We will be in contact within two weeks of the panel having met to inform you that your work was not chosen by our selection panel and provide you with their feedback.
    • You can submit your work again to be considered for the next collection. Each selection panel is different so your work may be selected a second time around, particularly if you take any advice given in the feedback provided.

      Thank you for your interest in selling your work with Made in Arts London. If you have any questions regarding submitting your work please email

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